Portfolio Deepak Dhakal

I am a software Developer with more than five years of experience in software application development ( both Web and desktop ) including iPhone application. After all these years, I've collected quite a portfolio of my software work. The following lists a selection of my favorite or significant works.


DeskTop Applications:

1) Outlook plugin for Skoot (Huge File Transfer software)

Role :Designer and Developer


  A plugin that helps to transfer huge files from your inbox, you just have to attach a file from your Outlook inbox and this plugin does everything for you. It is written in VSTO ( C#, .Net technology) with some COM+ interfaces for MS office. RESTful APIs were also used.




Web Applications:

1) Port of Tacoma  ( http://www.portoftacoma.com/)

Role : I was the developer of this huge project written in .net and CMS tools. I was involved in database design, Web design and Implementation


2) Skoot ( http://skootit.com )


I was the one of the main developer of this file transfer website. I was responsible for design, customer provisioning, Billing ( Verisign, Paypal). It also had few resellers websites that I developed and managed. It used .Net, Java based services and JSP tomcat based file transfer UI. Recently I was doing group membership for this project for all of its resellers.





3) OCVA (Crime Victims Programs & Services)

Role : Main Developer

This was a government project about record keeping of  Sexual assualt, domestic Violence and general crime of WA state.

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