Is there any tool that converts Objective C code to java for Android

by Deepak Dhakal 9. February 2011 13:42

I have a working iPhone app and want to convert to Android app with minimal effort. Can anyone suggest ?


I don't think so. You're best bet would have been to develop the application from scratch using a platform like Appcelerator or Phone Gap.

The commenter makes an excellent point: the platforms are fundamentally different. A straight conversion of code won't work. You also have to convert framework/api calls and restructure all of your UI. Not only is the framework different, but the assumptions made by the platform are totally different as well.

Possibly the best way to reuse the most code (this isn't necessarily the easiest, keep in mind) would be to convert as much objective c code into C or C++ and make use of the Android NDK. You won't be able to reuse any of the UI code, but you might be able to reuse a significant amount of your application logic depending on what your application does.


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